Shipping Policy

**Pulp Flavors Shipping Policy**

**🚚 Shipping from the Heart of Michigan 🚚**

At Pulp Flavors, we take pride in ensuring that our flavorful sauces reach you fresh and ready to spice up your meals. All orders are lovingly shipped directly from our facility in Michigan.

**📅 Shipping Days - Keeping It Cool 📅**

We understand that our sauces are not just any ordinary condiment; they're a fresh, refrigerated delight. To maintain their freshness and quality, we ship orders only on **Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays**. This schedule helps us ensure that your sauces don't spend their weekends in a shipping warehouse and maintain their optimal quality upon arrival.

**❄️ Cool and Fresh Delivery ❄️**

Each order is packed in a specially designed cooler that keeps the sauces cool for **3 to 4 days**. This packaging is carefully chosen to make sure your sauces stay fresh during transit. However, upon receiving your order, we recommend you refrigerate the sauces as soon as possible to preserve their fresh, zesty flavors.

**💲 Flat Rate Shipping Across the USA 💲**

To make things simple and transparent for our customers, we offer a Flat Rate Shipping fee for all orders within the USA. No surprises or hidden costs – just one straightforward price for everyone. Please check out our website for the current shipping prices at the time of your purchase.

**🛒 Easy and Convenient 🛒**

Placing an order is as easy as enjoying our sauces. Just select your favorite flavors, add them to your cart, and we'll take care of the rest. Your taste buds are just a few clicks away from experiencing the Pulp Hot Sauce revolution!

**Thank You for Choosing Pulp Flavors**

Remember, when you order from us, you're not just getting a hot sauce; you're getting a bottle of carefully crafted flavor with sustainability in mind shipped with care and passion.

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