Pulp is now in Target Stores in the Southeast!

Welcome to the Spicy World of Pulp Hot Sauce - Now at Target in the Southeast!

Check your local stores in:

North Carolina
South Carolina


**🌶️ Exciting News for Hot Sauce Lovers! 🌶️**

We are thrilled to announce that Pulp Hot Sauce has made its fiery debut in Target Stores across the Southeast! Yes, you read that right - your favorite hot sauce is now just a Target trip away. Whether you're in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, or North Carolina, the heat is on and waiting for you!

**🔥 Our Flavors - A Spectrum of Heat! 🔥**

1. **Hungarian Wax Pepper Sauce** - For those who like it mild. A gentle introduction to the world of heat, perfect for adding a subtle zing.

2. **Fresno Chili Hot Sauce** - Say goodbye to boring ketchup! This one's got a kick that'll elevate any dish from ordinary to extraordinary.

3. **Jalapeño** - It speaks for itself. A classic flavor that promises to add just the right amount of heat to your meals.

4. **Hot Habanero Carrot Pepper Sauce** - The perfect balance of heat and sweet. This sauce is for those who crave a fiery taste with a hint of sweetness.

**🥗 Find Us in the Chilled Section! 🥗**

Remember, Pulp Hot Sauce is not your average hot sauce. You'll find us chilling in the refrigerated section, usually right beside the fresh salads. Why? Because we believe in keeping things fresh and zesty!

**📍 Your Target, Your Flavor 📍**

No matter which state you're in - be it the peachy realms of Georgia, the sunny beaches of Florida, the historic landscapes of Mississippi, the charming South Carolina, the soulful Alabama, the vibrant Louisiana, or the picturesque North Carolina - your nearest Target is waiting with our range of flavors.

**🎉 Spice Up Your Life! 🎉**

Don't let your meals be mundane. Visit your local Target in the Southeast today and bring home the heat with Pulp Hot Sauce. It's time to turn up the flavor and experience the thrill of the spice!